Fung Seng Enterprises Limited


Listed company


Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China

Area served

Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Macau

Key people

Chairman: Mr. Doo Wai Hoi, William JP

Fung Seng Enterprises Limited

Fung Seng Enterprises Limited (FSE) (Chinese: 豐盛創建企業有限公司) is a leading conglomerate in the services industry employing nearly 13,000 people in Hong Kong .
FSE has three major competencies: facilities management services, electrical & mechanical engineering services and financial services within which several business units specialize, including Property Management, Security Services, Cleaning, Laundry, Landscaping, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Trading of Building Materials, and Insurance Consultancy.
NWS Holdings announced on 11 June 2010 that they had entered into an agreement with Fung Seng Enterprises Limited to dispose of certain subsidiary companies engaged in service businesses (NWS Engineering Group Ltd) for a total consideration of HK $888.5 million.


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Business areas[edit]
Fung Seng Enterprises Limited (FSE) in three segments: facilities management services, electrical & mechanical engineering services and financial services. The other business includes the insurance business, project consultancy services, and the sales of building materials and pre-cast structure.
Fung Seng Enterprises Limited (FSE) in five geographical segments: Hong Kong, China, Macau, Vietnam and Thailand.
Notable Companies in Hong Kong[edit]

Urban Property Management
Kiu Lok Management Company
General Security (HK)
Waihong Environmental Services
New China Laundry
Hong Kong Island Landscape Company
FSE Engineering Group
Extensive Trading Company
Nova Insurance Consultants


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