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Mass Effect 3 | FemShep & Liara Full Romance/Sex Scene ᴴᴰ ...

The FemShep & Liara Full Romance/Sex Scene, in Mass Effect 3. EnjoyStay Connected!Check out my channel: http://bit.ly/14GiB2ZSubscribe: http://bit.ly/17SbRkl...

Female Shepard/Samantha Traynor - Works | Archive of Our Own

Female Shepard/Samantha Traynor. Female Shepard (Mass Effect) Samantha Traynor. Aria T'Loak. Summary. Shepard's team-up with Aria to take back Omega leaves Samantha missing out. Sammy is determined that Shepard will make it up to her. Series. Part 25 of The Samantha Traynor Adventures.

Kelly Chambers/Female Shepard - Works | Archive of Our Own

Commander Shepard finds herself becoming Jack and Miranda's willing cockslut, the pair slowly transforming her into the perfect slave. Others, however, a more than willing to take advantage of her newfound submission. A commission by Shadowkhan93. The first part of the story, by NidoranDuran, can be found here.

Mass Effect 2 Jack Female Romance Sex Scene Femshep HD ...

Mass Effect 2 Jack Female Romance Sex Scene Femshep HD Español

Mass effect 3 pretty female shepard code

Vette Velocity perfectly cosplayed EDI at PAX East 2014 and had a great response from people all around internet. 1 Sara 2. Problem is, the studio still hasn't decided what FemShep will look like. net so go check him out if you want the real deal.


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